Rachael Lynn's Photos & More
Reid Scott Band

Album: Reid Scott Band

Description: Had a lot of fun shooting this band!! Energy on stage ALWAYS transfers to camera.

Gorgeous George

Album: Gorgeous George

Description: Great blend of vocals with male and female right up front, and backed with real energy!

Christian De Wild

Album: Christian De Wild

Description: Any man who plays with a "hub-cap" in his guitar is O.K. in our book! To capture the resonator in a live setting is no easy feat. Would love to play "fly on the wall" in that writing session!

Stillwood Sages

Album: Stillwood Sages

Description: Deep roots bring a strong stock. This band has both and it's very becoming on them!! Look for the pure energy, and how it translates to "stills".

Band Pictures

Album: Band Pictures

Description: Cutting edge photos of some of the best local bands Sacramento has to offer!! This type of photo shoot we consider to be right in our wheel-house.

Editorial & Fashion

Album: Editorial & Fashion

Description: Editorial & Fashion as seen through the eyes of the photographer. These showcase the art of color, form, and beauty.


Album: Headshots

Description: Senior portraits, actors and models alike, all can find a very comfortable working environment with our staff!


Album: Maternity

Description: Maternity Photo's are a must for anyone that is expecting!