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Stand alone man

Stand alone, man with loneliness in his eyes, how dark it may be, but one friend will always stand by his side, it’s one he can carry on his back, his guitar! Here I created a photo using a dark urban technique by incorporating 2 photograph’s, one of a tall building and another of a man with his guitar walking away. Model and Musician Justin Taylor of the band “Second Story Alibi”. Inspired by the Movie” I am Legend” has inspired me to create a photo such as this. I hand digitally painted the Moon and lights in the photo. This was a very fun photo to work on and create!

A Whole Man goes in but only pieces of him come out

http://www.tumblr.com/blog/rachaellynnsphotosandmore A whole man or women goes in but only pieces of him or her come out. Why is this? Many men and women go in to the Army for many reasons and they learn many different things that will be with them for the rest of their lives! These men and women even want to gain something when they go in and when they come out They fight for our freedom and they fight for their survival under unusual circumstances at least for the circumstances that we are used to! I am sure that to them it becomes to familiar only filled with high amounts of adrenalin. Experiences that they go through each filled with tragic loses, severe and heavy training, sometimes poor sleeping and showering arrangement! This also includes the losses of Burger King, Taco Bell, Mall’s, T.V. Phone calls, seeing family and okay, way too much to say in this little blog. But you get the picture! But the real scary and alarming truth is how much of them come home to us in pieces, having things like Depression, PTSD, Flash Backs, Dissociation syndrome, Becoming Risk Takers, Having Severe Migraines, having Anxiety and Phobia’s, Brain Injuries, having a hard time adjusting with Society and or their new reality and sometimes, pure anger. ( I want to include the ones that literally come home to us in pieces) More times than not making them come out of the Army with having to take pills, drugs, therapy or even having to find some kind of replacement like sportsor motorcycles to get their adrenalin rush, this also includes having multiple partners, starting fights, or even cheating! My goal of creating this Photo was to show how one loses parts of themselves… Parts of how their mind and brain was wired to think, feel, express, and Interpret the world or themselves prior to them going into the Army, and to paint a picture that not only do they sacrifice themselves on the field but also off the field! To all that have, are, and will serve this Great Country…. THANKYOU! FOR EVERYTHING! Rachael Lynn’s Photos and More ~2012~ #RachaelLynnsPhotosandMore